S1E20 - You Want Me to Thank WHAT Now?

The episode about weight gain.

1 year ago

Episode Notes

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Bigger booty, thicker thighs, a soft tummy, and all the areas you are pulling and tugging at don't deserve that kind of treatment. In fact, it's time you threw that attitude in the trash, and traded in for some major gratitude. Today is all about body fat, and the weight you've gained from emotional eating. Extra body fat and weight gain might not be comfortable, but it does have a purpose. Once you listen to this episode, you'll be looking at your weight gain through a whole new lens. One that is not only more loving, but filled with gratitude as well. In this episode you'll learn - Why weight gain isn't the end of the world. What your body fat is trying to show you. How your body has been holding down the fort for a long time. And what you need to do, to let it off the hook so you can turn it around. Isn't it time to change the relationship you have with your body?

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