S1E7 - Binging Be Gone: Leslie Hooper helps you break the binge eating cycle.

2 years ago

Episode Notes

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My guest this week is Leslie Hooper, owner of HooperFit. Leslie has helped countless people stop binging, and guides them out of diet hell and into a peaceful relationship with food using a psychology based approach mixed in with a little tough love. I’m excited to have her on the show to discuss a topic that is touchy, but also very common, especially among those of us with long dieting histories. We are talking about binge eating, and I know this is going to have some incredible takeaways. Be sure to listen to the end to get a mic drop moment from Leslie, so you can stop this for good. Topics covered in this episode

  • Defining binge eating.
  • The problem with number chasing and restriction.
  • How identifying as a binge eater can set you back.
  • The trap of trying to diet your way out of binge behavior.

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