S1E18 - Boundaries! Survive The Holiday Table Talk

1 year ago

Episode Notes

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If you love hanging out with family but dread the conversations about diet, your weight, your size, whether or not you’re getting seconds, and if your well-meaning aunt is going to push food you’re way; then this is your episode! Boundaries are never easy to establish, but avoiding them is doing you and your relationships a disservice. In this episode you’ll learn -

  • What a boundary is.
  • How to establish a boundary.
  • How to stand up for yourself in a loving way.
  • How to take responsibility for your own environment and well-being.
  • How boundaries have nothing to do with making others change their behavior, and all about what YOU must do instead.

Mentions - Brooke Castillo (The Life Coach School Podcast) Kara Loewentheil (Un F*ck Your Brain Podcast) Amy E. Smith (The Joy Junkie Podcast) _P.S. If any of my listeners know any of these fabulous females, and can introduce me, I’d love to have them on the show! _

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