S1E4 - If Not Dieting, Then What?

How habits determine success

2 years ago

Episode Notes

Find out your diet personality type. Take the quiz!

how effective is dieting, if you still have to do it year after year? You know that dieting is a frustrating endeavor but you don't know what to do instead. It's time to ditch the quick fix makeovers, and start judging successful transformation in a new way. In this episode you'll learn:

  • The one unsexy, boring thing that will never let you down.
  • How to make changes that stick.
  • How to choose what to work on first, when you feel like so many things need change.
  • What makes for a solid habit, versus a weak one.
  • Why shortcuts keep costing you long-term results
  • Why learning another diet trick isn't what you need now, or ever.
  • How habits shape your success.

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