S1E30 - Trigger Food Troubleshoot: It's All in Your Head

1 year ago

Episode Notes

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  • Trigger foods! If you don’t know yet, a trigger food is any food that makes you feel or act in a certain kind of way. If you feel guilty, shameful, out of control, or you blame any food for your weight gain, you have trigger foods.
  • This is the episode that is going to help you stop feeling guilty and freaking out about the foods that you love, so you can coexist in peace.
  • When I tell a client to purposely add these foods into their meals, it goes one of two ways. Freak out mode, or a big sigh of relief. Either way, there tends to be a few things that come up, as we work through these foods.
  • If you’re wondering if trigger foods are ever going to feel neutral, when you won’t want to eat them anymore, you'll stop self-sabotage already, or you just want to know what a trigger food actually is, this is your episode.

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