S2E1 - F*ck It Up, and Keep Going

1 month ago

Episode Notes

Find out your diet personality type. Take the quiz! Today we are talking about the relationship you have with yourself on a weight loss journey. How willing are you to f*ck it all up and keep going? In this episode you’ll learn the importance of failure and how it can help you reach your goals faster. How to drop the shame and self-criticsm so you can lose your weight in a way that is healthy and sustainable. Get unstuck and break up with dieting using the power of habit, psychology based weight loss tools, and improve your body image all at the same time. Mistakes don’t cost you, but quitting because of them will! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. It helps more than you know! If you found this episode helpful, share it on Instagram and tag me @soulcenteredfitness.co so I can come and give you some love for sharing. Follow Soul Centered Fitness on Instagram This podcast is brought to you by Soul Centered Fitness Never miss an episode: Join my mailing list for weekly coaching, and more. Email me your questions and comments! Download your free fat loss guide - Lose the Diet, Gain a Life Click HERE for Coaching Inquiries Thanks for listening!

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