S1E21 - Body Love: It Matters w/ Guest Stephanie Curry

1 year ago

Episode Notes

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This is the episode about waving the white flag when it comes to the battle with your body. Losing weight is a worthy goal, but if you still pick and pull at the parts you don't like, what's the point? Achieving a smaller body isn't the key to having a positive body image. Being willing to respect and accept the skin your in will make your weight loss transformation a more pleasurable process, and you might actually find that it was body respect that you were craving all along. This episode features special guest Stephanie Curry as we discuss what it looks like to work with me on Body Image. She shares her story, and how doing this work was a surprising and integral part of her transformation. This is the episode you need if you're ready to see your body through kinder eyes, improve the relationship you have with yourself, and are ready to ditch diet suffering in exchange for a permanent solution to loving the skin you're in.

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