S1E19 - Still Binge Eating, Even When You've Stopped Restricting

It still isn't about food.

1 year ago

Episode Notes

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This episode answers the question, "how do I stop overeating when I've stopped restricting?" because your inner rebel

You've quit restricting foods, you're allowing yourself to eat dessert, you are no longer counting calories or macros, and yet you still find standing in front of an open refrigerator eating until you are physically miserable. You've been told that the solution to your binge eating lies in your ability to stop restricting and you've done it! So what gives? In this episode I break down all the hidden ways that you are still restricting, that have nothing to do with food. You'll learn -

  • where to find restriction beyond what's on your plate.
  • how to recognize your triggers.
  • what your safeguards are, and how to get past them.
  • what is missing from your binge eating recovery.

If binge eating is still getting in the way of having a good relationship with food and your body, make sure you tune in!

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